Crystal Cove Island
Crystal Cove Island

Crystal Cove Island (formerly Tiguatian Island) is a two hectares small island, which lies just a short boat ride away between Boracay and Caticlan. It is in proximity to Laurel Island. To reach Crystal Cove, boats can be hired at White Beach and Caticlan Jetty Port.

The Island consists primarily of grey-brown rocks overgrown with deep-green vegetation and is surrounded by clear turquoise water. Crystal Cove Island is ideal for walking, relaxing and picnicking. In the evening, such as early morning visitors can follow sunset and sunrise from the isle. The main attraction of Crystal Cove are two caves, where the Sibuyan Sea flushes its waves into. In the south of Crystal Cove you will find a beautiful sandy beach that invites swimming. From there you can snorkel along the coastline and admire the remarkable beauty of the Philippine underwater world.

The entrance fee to Crystal Cove Island amounts 200 pesos per person.

Crystal Cove Island
Cave on Crystal Cove Island


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    is there an overnight place for this island? if so, kindly post some website or contact numbers here. ty

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